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Thinking about Taking a Boating Course?

Midland Power and Sail Squadron invites you to learn more about safe boating to help improve your boating confidence.

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPS-ECP) has developed several methods to help you accomplish these goals:

If you’re someone who lacks the time to take evening classroom courses—you’re invited to enroll in our self-study boating education courses.  

Or, if you can spare a couple of evening hours each week to attend a safe-boating class, our Midland Squadron volunteer instructors and “proctors” offer a program to help answer your questions and concerns.  

Our squadron’s mission is … “We can help you to become a knowledgeable, more confident boater”.

Here are a few ways the Midland Power and Sail Squadron is pleased to help you achieve your “be a better boater” goals:

1. Attend our classroom courses with volunteer instructors and tutors—each instructor is a long-time boater in our area.  Sign up today to  attend these scheduled activities.  
–You receive a student manual and our experienced boater volunteer instructors guide you through the course, complete with homework assignments and individual, personal attention throughout the course.  
–Some of our courses include an examination, particularly Government-certificate courses like the our 10-hour approx. VHF radio (Industry Canada Marine Radio Operator License) classroom course and our Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate (Transport Canada PCOC) course which is provided to you as a convenient on-line course at
www.cps-ecp.ca .

2. To reduce expenses and, therefore, enrollment costs, couples taking our courses can share the manuals and CDs.

3. Enrolling in our self-study education courses saves classroom time, associated costs and allows you to learn conveniently at your own pace, on your own time.  Some Government certificate courses still require a formal examination to prove you’ve mastered the course content and this is provided by the squadron at no extra cost.

Examinations:  CPS-ECP examinations are used to gauge our course participants’ knowledge retention and the effectiveness of our volunteer teaching methods and to monitor the whole education experience.  

Government certificates use the same criteria.  These tests are multiple-choice with the correct answer being the most-correct one.  Typical exam times are less than 90 minutes in duration.  The Industry Canada VHF exam also includes an oral portion where you demonstrate your knowledge of the Phonetic Language to your examiner. Not all courses require exams.

Page updated:
07 April 2019