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Midland Squadron Events — 2012

SS Keewatin moored at Giant's Tomb and alongside on the way to CPS Rendezvous

Our past commander, Steve Cartwright, viewed from his boat and photographed the SS Keewatin while she was moored at Giant's Tomb, awaiting her next port of call—Port McNicoll—where she's now in a new permanent berth. This photoshow also provides a glimpse of what the huge vessel looks like while she's on her way to Port McNicoll for the celebrations on June 22nd. Enjoy!

Here's a link to that Photoshow:

2012 June Rendezvous

Here's a new Photoshow of our annual rendezvous at Sans Souci and a cool series of shots of the SS Keewatin on her journey to Port McNicoll.

Midland Squadron Events — 2011

2011 June Rendezvous

This year's event was another success. A record number of vessels turned out even though the Saturday weather forecast was less than ideal. The month of June continued its lack-lustre weather performance but that didn't stop our fun-loving members from joining in at Henry's Fish Restaurant at Sans Souci, the weekend of June 25th, 2011.

Here's a Roxio Photoshow of the event:

2011 Georgian-Trent - Annual General Meeting

This annual event took place at the Collingwood Legion on May 27th. Here's a Roxio PhotoShow capturing some of the highlights of the morning sessions:

2011 National Annual General Meeting, Halifax, N.S.

The December True Course provided highlights of the National Annual General Conference in Halifax. Here are the Roxio Photoshows of our trip to Halifax (incidentally, that's my birthplace!).

  1. Halifax harbour walkabout with photos of tall ships, The H.M.C.S. Sackville, Halifax historic Clock Tower, Citadel Hill and its Fortress Halifax and much more.

    Click here to see a video of the
    firing of the daily Noon Gun from the Fortress Halifax site.
  2. The AGM competition entries on display, a couple of photos of the AGM presenters, and the Friday night theme night, "Kitchen Party".

  1. A wonderful bus trip to Peggy's Cove which included a visit to the Swiss Air Flight 111 Memorial. A surprise for the bus tour guests was an unplanned visit to the Lunenberg shipyards to see the rebuilding of the Bluenose II.

Midland Squadron and Georgian-Trent Events

Georgian-Trent 50th Anniversary and 2010 AGM

Why not take a few moments to view some photos of the spectacular District AGM hosted by your Midland Squadron last May ...

2010 Midland Squadron Annual General Meeting

Venue: Quarterdeck Restaurant, at Queen's Cove Marina, Victoria Harbour.
Take a peek at some of the highlights and the proceedings.

2010 Boating Events

Atlantic Challenge

July 2010's Atlantic Challenge Events were ably assisted by many of your Midland Squadron members ... check out this photoshow of some of the day's activities.

Early Summer 2010 Sans Souci Week-end Shakedown Cruise a Success

The Midland Squadron started the boating season right. Many members cruised to Henry's Fish Restaurant over the week-end of June 27th. Champlain called it a place without worries and that is still entirely appropriate.

The weather was warm but the way home on Sunday was less than ideal with fog rolling in and the waves increasing.

For a preview of the day's festivities, please visit the link below:

Paul Elliott welcomed us warmly. Helen LaVictoire and Jean Dick organized the social on the dock where we shared some great and various goodies before heading up to the restaurant for the traditional Henry's Fish dinner (or whatever). This is always a great way to start the boating season with a shakedown cruise.


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