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Our quarterly newsletter, True Course, is distributed via e-mail (March, June, September, December). For those who still receive the newsletter via Canada Post, but would prefer to receive the newsletter via e-mail, please send me a message (sandy.campbell@live.com), or better still, login to your profile page on the CPS main website and add your e-mail address in the space provided. Your next newsletter will come to your INBOX.

Click on the Publications Page link in the left navigation bar and read current and archived issues of the True Course.

News from our True Course Editor

Sandy Campbell

Newsletter Editor /

Have you any boating stories or articles you'd like to share with our membership? We'd love to publish them in our quarterly newsletter or post them here on our website! Please send me an e-mail with all the details, including any photos. Perhaps you have some wonderful Georgian Bay scenery photos you're proud off ... I'd be delighted to publish them in the newsletter or here on the website as well.

While we're out on our waterways, it's important to keep safety of ourselves and others in mind at all times.

An important safety practice is to always wear your life jacket (or personsonal safety device) which onboard your vessel. Don’t rely on grabbing it quickly should it be needed in an emergency!

The Safe Boating Council has a memorable video for all to see, titled “Silly Humans” … please take heed!

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05 June 2018