CPS brochure ... What to consider about boating conditions before you head out…

Here’s a 2-page CPS brochure for you to download and print…keep it handy, referencing where to get information about real-time weather conditions, current water levels, and much more … before you head out on your next cruise.

11 April 2016

CPS new Boating Course Info site…

Know someone who needs his/her boating license?

This totally revamped website offers all the information you need to know about the various boating safety courses offered by Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons. Find the course that’s closest to you.

It’s easy for anyone to get their Personal Water Craft Operator (PCOC) card with Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons. We offer the entire course online, sanctioned by Transport Canada, and your PCOC card will be sent to you after successful completion online. Try it out today!

Where Did the Water Go? Busting 5 Myths About Water Levels on the Great Lakes

Posted by Lisa Borre in Water Currents on August 20, 2013

Much-needed rain in the Great Lakes basin helped water levels recover somewhat this summer.

Read Lisa’s fascinating article ….

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