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Further your Boating Knowledge …

Boating 2: Beyond PCOC (Pleasure Craft Operator Card)

Boating Essentials, now named Boating 1 and Boating 2, take you to the next level in your boating education. Technology has changed the way we navigate but in order to use a GPS or chart plotter effectively, you should understand the use of paper charts and coastal navigation. Boating Essentials greatly increases your knowledge over PCOC and is the foundation course leading to higher levels.

Boating 3: Introduction to Navigation

The third course in the CPS-ECP Boating series explores navigation further, helping you learn how to plot and label a course on paper charts, what the skipper should be doing before setting out, how to handle a boat under sail and far more, including optional topics that could be offered depending on your personal interests. These include tides and currents, canals and locks and collision regulations.


If you want to learn more about sailing, the Power Squadrons have a course that covers different sail rigs, sail plans and hull types, sailing at different points of sail, handling heavy weather and storms, and far more.

Boating 4: Seamanship

In the earlier Power Squadron courses you learned what to expect and how to plan for it. Seamanship helps you prepare for the unexpected emergencies including adverse weather, medical emergencies, knot splicing and more.

Boating 5: Advanced Piloting

Canadian Yachting readers know that we frequently publish stories of our readers who have chartered a boat in the Caribbean or even sailed their own boat down south. If you already have the foundation skills from Boating 2 and Boating 3, Advanced Piloting is the next step.

Boating 6: Junior Navigator
(Part I of Offshore Navigation Program)

The number of individuals who sail their own boat all way across the ocean is actually quite surprising. We learned of one gentleman who was in his 80s before he decided to discontinue his annual summer trip from Canada to England, single-handing his own 29-footer! Junior Navigator is a course you should take in preparation for any significant voyage out of sight of land.

Boating 7:  Junior Navigator (continued)
(Part II of Offshore Navigation Program)

This is the second of two courses in the Offshore Navigation program for the recreational boater. While new electronic navigation equipment is important, the art and science of celestial navigation is still a valuable asset as well as something you might enjoy for its own sake.

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