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Free Vessel Courtesy Check

Is your vessel properly equipped?

When you see the marine detachment approaching, do you get a sinking feeling (no pun intended) in the pit of your stomach?

Even the most experienced boaters have some difficulty keeping up with the requirements outlined by Transport Canada. Midland Power and Sail Squadron has the solution for you!

Transport Canada works with boating safety organizations like the Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons (CPS) to offer free courtesy checks for pleasure craft.

If you agree to have a check done, Midland squadron’s trained boating safety volunteer boards your boat, while alongside a dock or at a boat ramp, to:

The check itself takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes and consists of

Education and prevention are the keys to this program. Since there are never any penalties involved, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about boating safety and make sure that you are ready to head out on the water. The knowledge you gain from a courtesy check helps you to stay safe on the water year after year.

Prepare for your boating season by getting a FREE Courtesy Check from Midland Power & Sail Squadron (CPS) and get your safety inspection sticker to help ensure that you and your family have an enjoyable and safe summer on the water.

Now is a good time to book your Free Vessel Courtesy Check from our Midland Squadron’s CPS Boating Safety Specialist which will take place at your marina or launch ramp. Why not sign up today and verify that you have all the required safety equipment on board.

Note: The Recreational Vessel Courtesy Check Program is an educational program being delivered on behalf of Transport Canada. The term “on board” means only that the equipment was on board at the time of check. Transport Canada does not warrant the condition of the vessel or any of the equipment on board. Responsibility for meeting all regulations, and for the safety of the vessel and related equipment lies solely with you, the vessel owner/operator.

Page updated:
22 July 2020

Send an e-mail to our squadron’s Boating Safety
Specialist, Ken Robinson, including some of the details about your vessel and which marina you’d like to attend to have your safety inspection carried out.

Ken and his team are working with each of our local marinas to go onsite to conduct inspections. As soon as the dates and times of the vessel checks have been established for each marina, you will receive an e-mail from Ken to set up a convenient appointment for the safety inspection.