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Page updated:
10 September 2020

The more knowledge you have, the more enjoyable boating becomes.

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons offers a series of courses in boating knowledge that build from the basic courses required by law to what you’d want to know to cross the ocean.

Available online, self-study courses are listed. If you wish to register and pay for a class, you must first register in our system at the national Canadian Power and Sail Squadron website at:  https://www.cps-ecp.ca/ (click on the “Register” button at the top right).

You only need to register in our system once. You can then register and pay for as many classes as you want and we hope you will join us as a member of CPS-ECP. We only ask for basic information about you that we need to meet Transport Canada (for the Pleasure Craft Operator Card PCOC) or Industry Canada (for the Marine Radio card) requirements and for payments/billing purposes. All your personal information is protected.